The PTSD Awareness Summit was asked to partner with Legendary Automotive & Truck. On July 4th, 2021 at the City Tavern Chili Hot Dog Eating contest sponsored by Chef Brain Duffy. The event was held in Downtown Fort Myers River District. The veteran who was chosen was Frank Kerr of Collier County Florida.

Frank Kerr Bio.

Born: August 4th 1963. Passau Germany.

My Biological father was a Huey pilot in Germany where he met my mother. We then moved to Fort Benning Georgia. He was then shipped off to Vietnam where he was killed in action.  

Two years later my adoptive father who was a lieutenant in the 173rd Airborne Division met and married my mom. He was sent to Vietnam where he was wounded and came back home.

I joined the military the military at 17 and went to Fort Dix New Jersey for Basic Training. Then I went to Fort Eustis Virgina for my training for Aircraft Armament Electronic Subsystems Specialist.

During my time in the army I was in a competition machine gun team for the M60 machine gun and my first year I took third place and the second year I took first place overall in the first Armored Division. 

After earning my stripes and the coming Sergeant they gave me a 12-man rifle Squad competition Rifle Team for the 1st Armored Division that year we took third place.

My secondary military occupational specialty was nuclear biological chemical non commissioned officer.

After getting out of the army I worked as a civilian contractor for both dyncorp and Augusta Aerospace services. With Augusta Aerospace services I went to Desert Shield and Desert Storm. My job there was Battle damage assessment and repair for attack aircraft.

I was married in Germany and have two wonderful kids than Christian and Tajana.

After having a divorce I moved back to the United States in 1998. And since then I have been the Hodges veterans Club president a member of the Collier County veterans Council for over 10 years and recently part of the VFW honor guard post 7721.

Along with my normal job I am a veteran Advocate and try to help veterans in any way I can. And I’m a strong believer still in defending the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. And live my life according to God, duty honor and Country. And try any chance I get to help other veterans.