Hello Everyone, my name is PFC Blu and I’m officially one of the horses for Stable Hands Equine based out of Fort Myers Florida. I like you have a story to share. I’m 15 years old and have had a difficult life. Because of my NEW care takers Keith and Susan I’m living a good healthy life and want to pay it forward. I “Thank” the PTSD Awareness Summit and Triple Crown Feed for sponsoring me. I wear the color Teal in Honor of all those who deal and live with PTSD. To find out more details about the PTSD Awareness Summit Equine Program send a PM to them or send a email to my care taker Keith@PTSDAwarenessSummit.org he will reach back to you right away. I also have 3 other friends Major, Captain and Christopher Robin who also assist in our Equine program. Look for their feature spot light on the Summit page real soon!!!!