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Please watch this video for a brief explanation of why the  Awareness of PTSD is important

About Us

The PTSD Awareness Summit was formed by Two Blue Star Moms, Veterans and Veteran Advocates from SWFL, with a mission to assist Veterans, First Responders and Civilians who suffer with PTSD and or Suicidal thoughts. We seek to educate the general public about the sensitive nature of dealing with friends or family suffering with PTSD. The Summit members also strive to increase Awareness, as well as provide Resources and Support to help heal the sometimes-silent wounds that Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder can often leave behind

Our Services

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Peer to Peer Mentoring

One of the best ways of assisting with Veteran and First Responder PTSD is with Peer to Peer Mentoring. We currently are assisting in many areas establishing Peer Mentoring groups.

PTSD Resources

The PTSD Awareness Summit has a list of resources to assist Veterans, First Responders, and their caregivers/families with coping skills, counseling and treatment procedures within the United States

Suicide Prevention Awareness & Post Suicide Mentoring

Our staff is trained to assist in suicide prevention as well as assisting suicide survivor’s assistance. The grieving period is just as important to have proper assistance in the healing process.

Nation Wide Camo Alert

Camo Alert is a tool to alert the community of a missing Veteran or First Responder. This alert will also let organizations know of a missing brother or sister so they can assist local law enforcement with the search.

Our Mission

The PTSD Awareness Summit will continue to assist other Veteran organizations throughout our Nation, and continue our  partnerships with medical professionals who help provide resources such as mental health counseling, Peer to Peer Mentoring, Therapeutic Procedures, Caregiver Support and much more, at little to no cost for the individual in need.

Camo Alerts and Updates

Here is where you will find current active Camo Alerts and Updates about how we are serving our community.

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